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Demolition Services in Compton, California

Lu Mar Industrial Metals Company Limited has complete demolition service and routinely demolishes a full variety of structures that results in a significant number of tons of construction material and metal. We at Lu Mar Industrial Metals Company Limited off a broad range of on-site services to assist with construction contractors including:
  • An entire fleet of dump trucks that can handle any size project and haul away all debris.
  • Boxes and Industrial Containers for non-ferrous metals
  • Demolition Welding Services including Shearing and torch cutting
We offer Excellent Customer Service and Can provide top prices for recycled metals including:
  • E-grade metal (clean tin, corrugated metal)
  • Non-ferrous (aluminum, copper, brass)
  • Plate and structural ('I-beams' and ‘H-beams,' plate)
  • Rebar
  • Unprepared #1 (pipe, channel)