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Hazardous Waste

At Lu Mar Industrial Metals Company Limited, our facility takes great pride in being in complete compliance with environmental protection agencies, health, and safety such as OSHA and others. Water runoff recycling not only decreases costs but also reduces liabilities to the company utilizing our services.

Lu Mar Industrial Metals Company Limited has the latest information and necessary training and expertise to advise your company about the complete concerns regarding the health and safety of the environment. Lu Mar Industrial Metals Company Limited is entirely invested in adhering to the most rigorous safety standards relating to the environment in our industry. Our state of the art tools and high tech equipment and coupled with stringent rules and regulations raise the bar as an industry standard for environmental protection policies nationwide.
Consulting Services
Lu Mar Industrial Metals Company Limited's team of experts are ready to assist our clientele with the highest degree of customer service to keep you informed of all Environmental Health and Safety concerns. Our services include unlimited consultations by phone, as well as rigorous facility inspections, regular monthly reporting and more to ensure that you meet and exceed your company's environmental health and safety rules and regulatory requirements.
Hazardous Waste Services
Lu Mar Industrial Metals Company Limited's state-of-the-art hazardous waste disposal services guarantee our clients peace of mind; knowing that their hazardous waste requirements are handled in compliance with federal, state and local agency required regulations.

Our services include all regular hazardous waste disposal services including lab packs, waste pick-ups as well as round the clock 24 hour emergency on call response service team that is always ready to assist your industrial facility in the event of a hazardous waste emergency situation.

Lu Mar Industrial Metals Company Limited is completely equipped to give our clients outstanding service and complete support. Our employees all undergo rigorous, thorough training to ensure success and safety at all times. Lu Mar Industrial Metals Company Limited's site specific training for all our employee's guarantees that our operation always meets all environmental and strict safety requirements, rules and regulations.
Written Compliance Programs
Lu Mar Industrial Metals Company Limited's offers many years of on-site experience in creating comprehensive compliance regulatory programs that act as your reference point and line of protection and as a defense against regulatory agencies for your company. Our comprehensive written regulatory programs provide basic regulations regarding facility operations, as well as a full list of emergency contacts to be accessed in the event of an emergency as well as detailed procedural reports and inventories.