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Metal Recycling & Processing Services in Compton, California


Metal Recycling and Processing

Lu Mar Industrial Metals Co., Ltd & BC Metal Recycling takes great pride in ensuring that your materials are analyzed, handled and processed in the most efficient and accurate way to guarantee your company receives top dollar for the scrap being sold. We use the latest technology for precision metal testing of all ferrous, non-ferrous, and high temperature alloys in order to ensure accuracy. These methods include.

  • Niton X-Ray Gun with Real Time Recorded Data
  • Chemical Spot Testing
  • Spectroscope Analysis

We provide environmentally sound, leak-proof containers at no charge, timely pickups and secure transport to our processing facility in Compton CA. Every shipment brought to our facility is analyzed for metal content, segregated and either baled or pucked in preparation for shipment to worldwide consumers.

Certified Destruction

With great respect for your business's reputation, Lu Mar Industrial Metals Co., Ltd & BC Metal Recycling take very seriously the importance of handling the destruction of your excess, obsolete or defective inventory. It is our job to help keep it out of the marketplace and give you the peace of mind of knowing it is being properly disposed of.

To ensure our clients feel confident and knowledgeable about our destruction processes we assure the following:
  • Destruction projects are done in-house, using our personnel and equipment.
  • Projects are never subcontracted to other service providers.
  • We always separate the metals prior to destruction to maximize the value of your scrapped material.
  • We are happy to provide photos from start-to-finish of the destruction process.
  • A certificate of destruction if requested
  • Clients are welcome visit our facility and witness the destruction in process.

Management Consulting

With over 30 years of experience, our metal recycling specialists will partner with you to create a scrap metal recycling and processing program that is customized for your company's needs. Our goal is to help create the best storage, separation & labeling methods to ensure you receive the highest return for your scrap. We also have the ability to provide or facilitate the set up of specialized equipment when needed on your facility to maximize the quantity and quality of your returns.

Scrap Metal Services

Lu Mar Industrial Metals Co., Ltd & BC Metal Recycling buys and sells a wide variety of ferrous, non-ferrous, high temperature alloys and precious metals. We receive metal by scrap metal producers from a wide variety of industries throughout the western United States.

Services offered to our customers:

  • Weekly scrap metal price quotes
  • Prompt payment
  • Certificates of recycling
  • Independent certified weights
  • Detailed settlement reports
  • Certificates of destruction for sensitive parts or obsolete inventory
  • On-site metal segregation equipment (magnetic signs for containers or color-coded bins)
  • Maintenance of your storage area used for holding your metal recycling bins.
  • Lu Mar Industrial Metals Co., Ltd will help train your staff on proper metal segregation methods at your facility.