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2120 N Alameda St, Compton, CA 90222
Family Owned & Operated Since 1984

Welcome to Lu Mar Industrial Metals Co, Ltd in Compton, CA

Our primary yard located in Compton, California is just over 4 acre and processes an average of 7,000 tons of scrap through to consumers monthly. Our location services all industrial accounts throughout the Orange, Riverside and San Diego counties.

Lu Mar Industrial Metals Co., Ltd is fully registered, compliant and insured with all state required environmental and safety regulations. We are proud of our unblemished safety record and our ability to continually evolve with changing regulations.

Gabriel, Guillermo and their team of metal experts take pride in serving both the community of Los Angeles and in helping the environment on a daily basis.
We look forward to serving you and your business needs.
Serving the Following Areas:
  • Orange County
  • San Bernardino
  • Southern California
  • Riverside County
  • LA County
  • Long Beach County